Love Yourself.

Self love has been confused by several of us. Some confuse it with the search of perfection and some the seek to approval . Its high time we Pour tea and have a candid talk about this subject

In a world spent mostly on social media our minds are manipulated into believing that there is a better life to live than the lives we lead, better people to be than who we are, raising a pitch black cloud in our hearts and minds compelling us to believe that we are not good enough. We compare our lives with others failing to  consider that every soul struggles and every soul was put on earth to go down different paths.

Slumber escapes our bodies most nights while our minds congest with thoughts on how to be better, to conform with most of the globe, boiling the ocean, insomnia taking the best of us, building a Brobdingnagian feeling of anxiety only to discern that it isn’t worth. Most of us forget that we were sculpted by the Greatest of Sculptures in the most pre-eminent form.

We should be able to accept the fact that we have flaws. They are beautiful and they make us who we are hence we should stop seeking approval from the world and practice acceptance in ourselves,  Absorb the sunshine within us before we share the rays of warmth with others

Love ourselves because that is one of the purest of love we can gift our struggling souls.


Stay True To Yourself.

Girl Give love to your body,

It’s only you that can stop,

Stay true to yourself,

No dissapointments comes with it,

Believe in yourself,

That’s where confidence blooms,

Girl nourish your soul,

It bears enough to be deserted,

Love yourself,

Harder than you love other,

Because sweetheart,

You deserve all the honey

You share with the world,

From a hive full of sweet and stings,

Girl give love to your body,

It’s only you that can stop it❤️💎

A miracle of Life

picsart_08-24-111070555252121106191.jpgThey say you don’t understand life until it grows inside you. The idea of life growing and wriggling in you sure is the best thing that can happen to anyone. A huge shout out to women who have gone through and for those still going through this remarkable trip down the road to motherhood

As beautiful as it all sounds, it did come with its shortcoming. The first couple of weeks were the hardest to cope with. Morning sickness, nausea, fatigue and all that. At times I’d ask myself what I got myself into. Everyone kept saying what a beautiful thing it was, with a body going through an awful lot for the first time I was blinded by my unstable emotions, until I met my little love.

I did an ultrasound; the view was to die for. Seeing my joyous future days through this little mini me, moving gracefully and ebulliently, kicking around and just living his best life yet not only gave me strength and hope, it assured me that I am not alone.

I knew I loved him. That he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. That I’ve never been sure about anything as am sure of my love for him. Sure the first few weeks were hard, but I guess it was a small price to pay for an eternity of endless love.

Pregnancy is surely the most beautiful and life giving journey that any can tread upon and it is overwhelming at times. I find myself blessed to be embarking in this roller coaster of a ride, for in my womb lies a miracle

A miracle of life.


For years I’ve been dreading to do this. Part of me kept dilly dallying on the idea. Could be trepidation on how it’s going to be reciprocated or just me procrastinating about it. Fear certainly topped them both, but today is a perfect good day as any other day to fight the demons of my anxiety and do what I’ve always been passionate about.

My name is Ahlam Shariff and welcome to my Blog.

It is certainly an overwhelming feeling to finally start a blog and I’ve always believed that everyone is entitled to freedom of expression. Hence I am basing my blog page on all the things am passionate about in life.

Stay tuned for more posts. I hope you enjoy.